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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Talking about FATE...Cheating Death...!

This morning a plane crashed in Islamabad and no one survived the crash of the Pakistani passenger plane that went down in the outskirts of the capital. But one lone man who was supposed to take that flight decided for some reason to dropout at the last minute Wednesday morning; apparently he did not even cancel his flight; he just did not get on it and as fate calls, He is still alive, healthy and with his family. This is a chilling interview with that man who cheated death... I say big time...!!!

Irshad Kassim, the director of a local bank, flies to Islamabad every week on Airblue and was supposed to have been on the flight -- but changed his mind at the last minute Wednesday morning.

"I know Islamabad has a lot of mountains near the landing area, and there is a lot of lightning in the area," Kassim told CNN. "There was a prediction of heavy rain this morning.

"I was on the flight, booked and confirmed -- and I was going to take the flight. I decided at 6 o' clock to not take the flight because of the weather."

He said he received a call shortly after the plane went down from airline representatives asking if he knew whether a Mr. Kassim was on the flight.

"I told them 'I am so sorry, I did not cancel.' I said, 'Due to the rain, I decided not take this flight,'" Kassim said. "Then I asked 'Why are you asking? Is everything OK?'"

It was then that he found out that the plane had gone down.

"I am still numb. I am very numb. I just feel that it's fate, I guess," he said.

"After I looked at the television, I looked at the picture of my three daughters. That's a natural reaction for a father."

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