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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quotes...My True Ramblings!!!

Long long long time...Hello people...indeed something fresh and just mine today...here below are quotes...sitting on my drive for good time now...some original, some inspired and some just copied...but truly truly heartfelt...obvious now that I cannot get a copyright on them; but at least take my reference when one wants to use it...lolz...Thanks!

Here are my originals to begin...

"True that there is something called FATE...jus that it comes in the most fucked up ways..." - after my 2nd project confirmation and at a time when a very dear friend on bench putting his heart and soul for a new job!

"A True friend stabs you in the front...!?" - just an abstract thought...for I believe in friendship more than anything else in this world.

"I always vow never to invest much love into anyone...but fuck up...I inevitably end up doing it" - did this a number of times, but wrote it down back during my Graduation days...no guesses yeh...lolz...?

"If you are wondering what is true and what is not...you can fuck off... because it’s none of your damn business..." - when a stranger of sorts, whom I had helped, questioned my integrity...piss off yeh...!

“Life is simple, you make choices and you don’t look back” - just the way I started looking at things after 25yrs into my life!

“Make no never mind about it, loving people is hard work... And with all those lives mixing together it gets kinda scary... But if we grab hold of each other and hold on, there is nothing more beautiful in this world.” - In a letter to a dear friend.

“There’s no such thing as a small act of kindness... Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” - After I watched a video on life in the poorest countries in the world and how the 'haves' can serve the 'have-nots'...and believe you me, the top 10 come from Africa...Congo being the poorest of all.

“No one in this world is perfect…But I will love her more than anyone else possibly could…And in the end that is all that matters!!!” - wrote this down after a conversation with my cousin, on how I will take care of my girl...nop, not my girl friend but my foreseen daughter...creepy in a way...isn't it...?

Things remain the fucking same however hard you try changing them..it’s a fuck shit life...and one has to know how to deal with it...I think I know it much better than anyone else...hence I am where I am today...I am fucking proud of myself!!!” - after a situation when I was so effing angry with life and I had no one to share the moment except that I knew I could write!

“A Good Government is never a substitute to Self-Government!!!” - Oh yeah, very true and my all time governing principle!

“Blood is thicker than water... but it isn't as refreshing.” - Inspired from a situation involving my true love!

“To make something special you just have to believe that it is special” - by a dear friend.

"I believe in good deeds... in karma...I don't believe in going to temples but I do...! For me, religion is very personal. It's all about having faith ... We have heard and read that all religions are equal. Now I increasingly believe in this." - Actually inspired from what Preity Zinta said after being asked about religion and her belief...partially morphed from the original...but true to my belief...!

“The purpose of life is self realization... Love has peace and bliss, wish for Love rather than transient things in life”...morphed from original @ Baba Temple, Pittsburgh.

“There are no endings... only new beginnings” - A sign that read at a parking lot.

“It’s tragic when people die…But DIE we all must!!!” - can't remember, but its from a movie and the scene was the death of a loved one.

“Wear your heart on your sleeves…It’s PRICELESS!!!” - morphed from original, by Kara DioGuardi during American Idol Denver audition 2010.

" Be The Change You Want To See In This World " - by MK Gandhi

"Is Rome worth one good man's life???... We believed it once… Make us believe it again….HE was a soldier of Rome... Honor him!!!" – from the movie Gladiator.

“If time is just an appearance, not solid like we experience it, then the greatest problem in accepting past life karma is gone. There is no need for a place to store the karma if time is illusory. We do actions, and these actions have a result, fruition. For us in the illusion of time it can seem like much later, but as things are a unity, it is much simpler. An action causes an effect which may seem like it is in the future, but when looked at as a unity, it is all just happening in the radical now.” - by a dear friend...wow...and yeah, read it twice if You cannot digest it the first time...You will better understand...!!!