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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Moments Worth Reliving!

I have always felt like I wanted to freeze some moments for eternity or whatever it is that lasts forever. Not just a mental picture of the moment but the emotions and people that comprised the moment. When I look at my childhood photographs, I find the emotions in the photographs always led to long re-telling. Most of the time, I don't remember the people in the frames.

People change as does everything, I just wanted to grow older.

If I happened to find a photograph at random, on the road or in a house I rented, it would be more of a mystery. The photograph is of no value to me Neither are the memories captured in it.

But, I avoid getting to the point and digress.

If only there was a way to make each memory from every photograph come alive and play a few seconds of those moments before you. Then, when I am 90-years-old and senile, I will still be able to remember the
moments that I wished to immortalize.

Slide on next to me, just another memory, to keep me company.

But doesn't that take away a little bit from the essence or magic of a photograph. The many layers to it apart from what the frame essentially reveals? I presume so. I cannot help but wish to be a speck on the wall of not just the memories that I have created but also the many others in the photographs that I passively encounter. It just seems like a memorable journey to take, through the frames of people's lives and their memories.

For, the saddest and happiest moments always seem worth reliving

Vulnerability is Overwhelming But Necessary

Sometimes, you don't know why you cry. Your life seems but perfect to everyone as well as you. Yet tears wet your pillow. You feel lonely, afraid. You feel pain you can't explain.

Sometimes you are ecstatic. You know all that you want. Life is a heavenly place. But that feeling doesn't last.

Sometimes you feel lost. You run around trying to find your way. Your eyes grow weak in the hunt for the right path. You stay awake in an attempt to map your life.

Sometimes none of this matters. Sometimes the chaos is calming.

Just sometimes you share your misery with somebody else. And it makes sense to them. They don't charge you with over reaction. They don't logic life with you. They are in sync with your emotions.

Sometimes you feel safe.

Sometimes there is an outburst that is nonsensical. Sometimes there is clarity in every sentence. Sometimes you feel miserable. Sometimes you laugh at the self-pity.

Sometimes I write you or he or she. But in reality it is all me. Sometimes I need help to accept this. Sometimes truth is right there but there is reluctance to acknowledge.

Sometimes vulnerability is overwhelming but necessary.