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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Growing Up Means Learning What Life Is

At the brim of intake for being schooled. 
At the cusp of accepting death for nirvana. 
At the mercy of freewill to make life beautiful.

My energy and it's constant tussle with everyday mundaneness.
My fears and their window to complete awareness. 
My disturbed disposition and its burden on my loved ones.

A compulsion to live up the present.
A tone to set things free.
A desire to write my own destiny.

That relative truth is an useful lie.
That truthfulness in a relationship is subjective.
That truth, if it could exist objectively, is only in my heart.

Never yielding to the scars of my life.
Never losing the assumptions about the simple nature of right and wrong. 
Never giving up on the purpose of my life.

I will dive in never coming up for air.
I will survive never giving in to feel.
I will wait forever searching for myself.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Hopeful Me

The choices I make define the life I live,
The moves others make recreate their world.
Together the webs we weave,
The decisions we take, get more tangled each day.

Yet, I must persist on an uncertain path.
For every other way seems too logical.

Knowing that hurt is part of love
And taking responsibility for it,
Realizing that when your love moves away
You will only be loved more 

For when they genuinely acknowledge your love,
Will turn your love into gratefulness,
And the more grateful they are
The more love will come their way.

Governed by my hopeful heart, I trudge on.
The cynical world, the hopeful me

For I refuse to believe, or accept that this is the end,
Or it will end like this.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's ALL About How You Want to Remember Things!

Before the pain of betrayal sunk in, 
the love captured every inch.

And I crumbled in raw pleasure, 
of that entrenched memory.  

At the weight of your words in the past,
At the seductive power of your skin against mine, 
the sense of betrayal didn’t last.