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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Eccentric Me!

Sometimes I wish I could put an instrument into anyone's mind and see exactly what they are thinking. The ability of the mind to dilute the politics in order to sound remotely diplomatic is exhausting. Obviously, I am guilty of this practice too, not all the time though!

Or to take this forward, another option would be that no one could ever say anything that they didn't truly mean. If they did, they would automatically grow mushrooms on themselves. (In my head this sounded funny.) So, if I accidentally met someone I couldn't stand, my facial expressions and words would show exactly this. Often, I cannot control the expressions my face makes in response to a person I don't like. The pointless point I am trying to make is that it is exhausting to decode the "political correctness" of everyone. If everyone said what they truly felt, the pain of figuring out their veiled contempt would vanish. I would be at ease. But I suppose earth would no longer be a happy place. Even though it isn't really one at this point.

I am perhaps no longer making sense. But the attempt is to envision a world where people would speak openly. Then murderers, closet dictators, ill-tempered souls, two-faced folks and bigots can be identified easily. And I can proceed to not be associated with them. For now, I have to engage in a strenuous decoding process which quite frankly I am no good at.

However, I guess I am asking for too much. Maybe I should attempt to practice this honesty for a while. I am bound to ostracize myself for not being socially acceptable anymore. Sometimes, that doesn't seem like a bad plan.

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