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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To Live or To Exist..!!!

Don't just smile, laugh out loud.

Sing in the shower.

Love. Find it, treasure it, if you get it back, never leave it!!!

Go alone to your fav restaurant and splurge on a meal for 2, pack the rest for your midnight snack.

Watch your fav video, over and over again. I watch them very often!!!

Play in the rain.

Marry someone who loves you with all they have. Till you find that, don't settle. And when you do, don't let it go.

Travel alone atleast once.

Let the little things go.

Value your siblings. They love you despite knowing all your flaws.

Keep in touch with your closest friends. They are rare.

Take time out once a week for 'me' time. Get a massage, play ball....anything. Indulge.

Remember the good things...and forget the bad.

Be kind to animals, fellow beings, children and the poor.

Don't take your frustration out on waiters and servers. They're just doing their job.

Find a hobby, and follow it through. If you get bored, find another one.

When in doubt, buy both :)!!

BE HAPPY :))))


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Jyothi said...

Got to read your blogs only now. Anyways they are rightly said and yes i agree that when u take time for urself and are alone then you start thinking about/ knowing about everything from nothing- about urself too. There is always a lot to uncover within ourselves and being ignorant of this we involve in every other act which moves you away from your own reality.