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Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Someone...!!!

Love someone. No, I don't mean it as a resolution...rather as a way of life. There are many reasons to be with people, to make friends, acquaintances. And many reasons not to love someone. Don't think too much about it. Do it. Completely. Utterly. Without holding back. No, I don't promise you that you will be loved back the same way in return. But what I can promise you is that you will never know the joys of loving until you do it. There is something magical in allowing yourself to open up so utterly to someone that sometimes all you see is them. Yes, you risk becoming vulnerable. You may get hurt. But its worth taking the chance.

If you get loved equally in return, its a bonus. But don't love to be loved. I have learnt it the hard way; so I suggest not to dwell into it too much. That won't allow you to love unabashedly. Have you ever danced in an empty park? Or your own room? When no one is watching? Not in a poetic way...have you truly ever done it? There is such a simple joy in being able to do something only because it gives you pleasure and not for any other reason.

The world becomes harder as you grow up. Your walls go up...as do those of everyone you know. Your importance in people's lives changes...you end up fulfilling expectations most of the times. Don't get bogged down. Don't love everyone...but love someone. It'll make it all worth it. Trust me.

I always tell myself not to invest too much love into anyone... but I always fuck up... but the above is what I have learnt the hard way; I have always believed in Love and its karma; and will continue to do so as long as I am here to stay. Just that I have my own way of doing things. Let it go and see for yourself.

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