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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Beauty of Change...!!!

My inner self loves to keep reminding me time and again – the moment you feel complacent that your life is perfect and don’t want things to change, they will. You can not stop that. Just accept that they will.

In my humble few years in adulthood, I have realised the truth in those words. As children, we are insulated by the love that surrounds us and we believe that people mean what they say and clearly demarcate between friends, acquaintances and foes. As we grow older and not-so-wiser, we slowly become jaded. Things, yes. Circumstances, definitely. They all change. But what affects us most is when people change and thus do relationships. Friends that one made along the way slowly keep falling through that sieve of life and losing themselves. New ones get added but our new found cynicism refuses to allow ourselves to open up as much to them.

Its not such a dark thing either. People change for the better too. Relationships evolve. When you grow together, sometimes you have the benefit of being a part of the journey and this brings us closer. My relationship with my sister, parents, relatives, friends – each of these has changed many times over and continues to do so. What makes some of these relationships special is the belief that if I don’t like the changes that are happening, they are momentary – they will change again. Confused...???

And that is what gives me the humility of holding myself back from trying to control each of these relationships (or so I like to believe). Que sera sera….what will be will be.

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