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Monday, October 4, 2010

Changing Hues...!!!

Change is inevitable they say... and I say, that is the only constant. And yet, the mind wonders whether people ever change? Some schools of thought say that once a person’s personality has been defined (over the years), events may alter short term behavior; but long term behavior and attitude can not change.

This comes as a blow to most people who wish one aspect or another of someone they love changes. It could be anything – a habit, the way a person reacts, extent of expressiveness or even as simple as tidiness. But if you really think about people you know, you may realise that at the core of it, in the long term, the intrinsic person remains the same. Does this mean we should not believe in giving second and third chances? Does it mean it is easier to accept something rather than hope that the future will be different?

I have mixed feelings on this. I know in my heart that people don’t truly change. They learn to curb their behaviour or pretend otherwise. On the other hand, in my not-so-long lifetime, I have met a few people who changed completely. Some overnight, some over a period of time. Such that they often become the complete antithesis of who they were.

I pride myself to be that unchanged personality; but as such I have observed a few changes myself. My daily routine does not allow me to do certain things I like to do and keep pace with. And I hate it when people point out these as a change in me. So, yes I am confused and at the same time angered with my life. I feel there is a great need to get things in order and take that step towards gaining total control. Am I reacting too much... I donno... but all I know is that I am still the same Phani who loves the way he thinks, who loves his friends for whom he can do anything, who loves his family primarily responsible for him being at this stage of life, who still believes that Human is Divine and the blessings of his loved once sailed him past the various phases in his life and who thinks that LOVE can certainly change the world.

Is this a phase, I wonder? Or is it the reality?


Priyanka Rao said...

bavundi maravo ledo kanuko

Teja said...

wow.. that definitely was confusing..
I wudn't say i am a completely different person.. but i definitely have changed certain aspects in my life...
i wud definitely say that u wud have done the same and there is nothing wrong in it