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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Alwida New Jersey...But Friends Forever!!!

Hmmm.... Finally I am writing something on my blog after such a long break. I was tied up with lots of moving, waning, work, I was lost in a whole different new world. Everything has changed in my life since Sep 1st - new office, new responsibilities, new challenges and new goals. Life was fun at AT&T (my previous work place) and I am missing all my friends from there at NJ, my colleagues, my dear friends and my family from NJ.

It was great fun to be at Middletown, NJ. I will always be thankful to NJ for all the care, love and support. There is whole lot to say about my stay and experience in NJ but am falling short with words. Hmmm...its getting pretty emotional here...a side of me I have never cared to bother...Thanks is a small word for all that stay in NJ, I am deeply attached to the place and will miss it until I get back there one day.

This one for NJ...lolz

“Because you were always there for me...encouraging me, telling me that you care. Because of the movies, masti, food and fun you brought into my life...because my family, whom I miss so much, is gutted with your strong boundaries....by knowing you I got to do right things. Because knowing you has made me a better person. Because of these reasons, and many more, I love you, and always will”

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