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Friday, August 21, 2009

Vikram's Mallanna Reviewed...A Must Watch...Lolz

Wow...Mallanna a must watch...A gigantic movie with a phenomenal script...its a path breaker for sure...we ought to respect the ideology behind Kolly movies...for more reasons now I admire Tamil industry much more...and for the record Srinu (Vaitla) ...must learn from Susi (Ganesan) on how to portray Brahmi's character much better...its the funniest ever since the good old days in the 90's...genuinely mesmerized!!!

This is my facebook status message for the day...now until people watch the movie and get back to me with their comments, please be in this illusion of Mallanna being the biggest movie ever. Because once I post you those, you will hate Tamil Industry for the rest of your life.

Its shambolic movie making...the script was terrible and the way it was handled was even worse...I am amazed at how Brahmanandam was cursed throughout the movie by the audience, every time he appears on the screen people wanted him to get off it...this never happened in nearly a decade now, at least I have not seen it happen. Never imagined that a movie could be made this worse, from the start to the end it was a pain in the rear end. And thanks to our movie exhibitors other factors contributed to our demise on hope for a smooth watch.

Its 2:30 AM here in New Jersey, a place where most of all south movies premier, and a place which excites movie watchers like me and my friends. But for once I am perplexed in the way this movie dragged us to the theatre only to be ridiculed by the makers. I am not sure why I am writing this so late in the night, and for once, after all these days of absence I had to make a come back with such a topic. Movie making and being critical about movies is not my cup of tea, but boy this piece deserves every bit of time I spend. I agree movie making is not an easy job, but this one today is a disaster in every count. Vikram, Shreya, the character artists, the screenplay, editing, music, background score, dance, and what not; think about all the elements that make a movie, and all those to be 'the worst done jobs ever'. And on the top is our dear director, Susi Ganesan who thinks his audience to be puppets in the world of movie goers, he from the rest above is the worst element, and surprise, he also makes a guest appearance in the movie.

Am I over reacting, why did I even think of writing this now?, I donno, maybe my expectations were caught napping, maybe I am in a trance , maybe I am a Kolly hater, maybe this shit fuck movie made me go mad, or just maybe
I am in the mood to write. When movies that are meant to strike a chord with its audience fail, it hurts, so maybe I am just hurt.

I do not want to make this long, so for all of you out there, who want to go watch an epic movie, which will eventually be bench lined along with "RGV ki Aag" for the worst movies made in Indian cinema, this is the one. And if you do go and watch this, please be sure to drop in a line with the exhibitor or the distributor to contribute a little of their cheap owned money to this blog, after all you are all my readers and if for any reason you want to thrash anybody after the movie, it would be ME. So yeah, GO WATCH IT for a chance to Slap ME!!!


kashyap said...

hmm,is that really so baad?

thanks for the heads-up..:)

Vignesh said...

Dude I love that Mexican Mafia character and his script and dialogues are the funniest I'd say. And Mr.S(P)ussi Ganesan was really the best.

Please bear with my language. I am very frustrated.

Phanindra Ketavarapu said...

@Kashyap: You must go watch it to know yourself...its a disaster...

@Vignesh: look who is talking to whom about language...lolz...dey our movie made at home is much better da...and the mexican mafia...guess our Kahona can portray him at guest house...wat say...I understand ur frustration...don u worry...lolz

Teja said...

annaya.. waiting for an original post!!!


P.S: My frnds blog. its a pretty decent and comfortable read after a long day. http://life-hereinindia.blogspot.com/

Phanindra Ketavarapu said...

@Teja: Kinda busy ra...kotta job and kotta place...anyways will get back...